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The world’s 1st orthodontic chewing brush for weaning off pacifier use 
(suitable from age 2)

The Myochew is designed to prevent the negative effects of prolonged Pacifier use

The Myochew™ has been specially designed for young children to encourage nasal breathing and improve the function of the tongue and chewing muscles, while bristle projections assist with oral hygiene.

The appliance is also suitable for special needs children, who are especially prone to the previously mentioned issues. The Myochew™ provides children with a fun and effective way of correcting the problems that hinder dental and jaw development, while improving nasal breathing and oral hygiene.


 The Benefits of Reduced Pacifier Use


Promote Nasal Breathing

Straight Teeth & Healthy Gums

Improve Facial Development

What are the risks of prolonged Pacifier use?

Breast Feeding Issues

A pacifier can confuse a baby if a breastfeeding pattern is being introduced.

A different suckling technique is used to using the nipple.

Dependant on Pacifiers

Babies become dependent on pacifiers to sooth them to sleep and if it falls out of their mouth during the night this can cause a disruption of sleep for the bay and for you.

Poor Dental development

The use of a pacifier can affect the alignment of teeth, when they do come. It is advisable to discontinue the pacifier before it has a too much of an effect on the new teeth. 


A pacifier can get stuck in the baby’s mouth or throat and remember to change them regularly as broken pieces can be swallowed or stuck in the throat

Developmental Issues

Once a baby starts transitioning from sucking to chewing , at around 6 months old, the use of a pacifier becomes detrimental to their development

Affect Speech

As the mouth grows, it will grow and develop around anything in the mouth such as a pacifier which in turn will affect not only teeth and tongue development but also their speech.

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When is MyoChew required?

Although each child’s progress is unique below are some general guidelines.

When you start to wean your child off the pacifier. Usually around the age of 2

Other milestones to look out for


When a child start to bottlefeed

Overuse of  bottle has a similar effect can affect facial an dental development.  The MyoChew can be used to prevent these effects


When a child starts teething

The MyoChew helps shape the bite uring this phase


When a child starts to chew

When a child makes the transition from sucking to chewing. It aids in the development of jaw strength (chewing muscles), exercising of the tongue and encouraging healthier breathing habits.


Before chidren start to crawl

Weaning before they start to crawl and walk is best, as they won’t be able to go searching for their “dummy”.

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Why is Myochew effective?

It has been specially designed to improve breathing, and exercises the tongue, lips and chewing muscles. It aids in dental and jaw development and improves overall oral hygiene by cleaning the teeth with its in built bristles.

Bristle Projections

To clean teeth

Tongue Tube

To strenghten the tongue

Air Spring Base

Simulates jaw development

Double Arch

Encourages nasal breathing

Teething Lug

Allows chewing while teething

Detachable Strap

Prevents falling and getting lost

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